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RECA Awards

RECA Awards Descriptions and Past Winners

Gary S. Farmer Commendation of Excellence

The Gary S. Farmer Commendation of Excellence is RECA’s highest honor for an icon in the commercial real estate industry. It celebrates a RECA member who has made significant and valuable contributions throughout their career to both the organization and the Central Texas commercial real estate industry. Recipients of this award are outstanding leaders whose contributions to RECA over many years is truly exceptional. Recipients have been longtime role models in our industry and have also shown a demonstrated passion for advancing RECA’s mission for responsible development and a more livable Austin.

1992 – Lee Cooke & Stephen Drenner
1993 – Charles Urdy & Pat Oles
1994 – Ted Siff & Gary Farmer
1995 – Tony Johnson
1996 – Frank Deutsch
1997 – Thomas Henderson
1998 – Michael Levy
1999 – Mark Rose & Paul Bury
2000 – Mayor Kirk Watson
2001 – Hays, Travis And Williamson County Commissioners Courts & Pete Winstead
2002 – Neal Kocurek
2003 – Dick Rathgeber
2004 – Mayor Will Wynn & Gary Farmer
2005 – Pike Powers & Thomas J. Terkel
2006 – Mayor Pro Tem Betty Dunkerley
2007 – Joe Beal
2008 – Terry Bray
2009 – Paul Linehan
2010 – Barry Mayer
2011 – Tim Taylor
2012 – Clarke Heidrick
2013 – Richard Maier
2014 – Jeff Howard
2015 – Ray Wilkerson
2016 – Gerald Daugherty
2017 – Laura Beuerlein [view video]
2018 – Bob Barnes [view video]
2019 – Susan Harris [view video]
2020 – Tim Hendricks

RECA Community Service Award

RECA's Community Service Award honors a RECA member or nonmember who has significantly improved the community through their time, actions, talents and service. Recipients have taken an innovative and practical approach to solving our area’s most pressing issues such as affordability, housing, mobility or other issues impacting our community.

2007 – Alan Graham
2008 – Gerald Daugherty
2009 – Dick Rathgeber
2012 – Tim Crowley
2013 – Sam Biscoe
2014 – Lee Leffingwell
2015 – Will Conley
2016 – Timothy Taylor
2017 – Mike Rollins [view video]
2018 – Brian Cassidy [view video]
2019 – State Rep. John Cyrier [view video]
2020 – Jeff Travillion, Travis County Commissioner

RECA Member of the Year Award 

RECA’s Member of the Year Award is given to a RECA member who has dedicated a significant amount of their time to serve the organization over the past year. Recipients of this award have served as a reliable and dedicated resource for the organization, have contributed to the achievement of specific RECA goals and have been critical to the organization’s success over the past year. Current RECA Board Chairs are not eligible for this award.

2019 – Jed Buie [view video]
2020 – Rachel Coulter

RECA Greg Bourgeois & Lewis Cook Rising Star Award

RECA's Greg Bourgeois & Lewis Cook Rising Star Award recognizes a RECA member who is 35 or younger and has shown a strong commitment and dedication to RECA and the issues that matter to our community at-large. Recipients have demonstrated leadership on an issue or project and serve as role models for other young professionals in the organization.

2014 – Chico Parker
2015 – Lara Burns
2016 – Kandice Pierce
2017 – Bobak Tehrany [view video]
2018 – Megan Wanek [view video]
2019 – Ken Hebson [view video]
2020 – Marissa McKinney