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The Top 5 Digital Marketing and PR Tips for Real Estate

December 13, 2018

In a perfect world, a great piece of real estate would sell itself. The perks and potential of the property would be obvious, so you wouldn’t have to communicate that information to the public.

But in 2019, finding success in real estate means employing a strong blend of new-school digital marketing strategies and classic public relations moxie. With these 5 tactics in play, you can attract more of the right attention to your listings in the new year and beyond.

1) Identify Your Audience

The days of casting a wide net are over. To reach the right customers for your property with maximum impact, you must first know who your true audience is. Conduct industry research into the key demographic data to determine all you need to know about them, including age and household income of their audience, types of employees they want to recruit where they live online, and more. You can’t effectively activate a successful marketing campaign without doing this one first.

2) Invest in Influencer Campaigns

Locate influencers who share a similar brand as the client, complete with the same target audience in the key demographics. To generate buzz, partner with high-end local bloggers to host photoshoots, allowing them to use different areas of your development as a backdrop. Just make sure those influencers tag and link your property correctly in their images and write-ups!

3) Manage Media Tours

Building media relationships is key to consistent awareness, especially in the saturated real estate space. Build a target list of top local media and extend individual invitations for a private tour of the development. Introductions, tours, and regular meetings will help the media to recognize your name - and the development’s name - as a trusted source of information and authority.

4) Monitor Your Competitors

Keep a pulse on what nearby properties and competitors are doing. Look for specific insights into questions like:

What specials are they offering residents on rent?
How do their amenities stack up to your development?
What type of media coverage are they getting?
Are they generating any sort of social media chatter?

This information will help you analyze what you’re doing right and how you can improve – especially in how you’re marketing what’s truly distinctive about your property.

5) Create Content that Matters

In tip #1, you determined who your audience is and where they congregate online. For your digital marketing efforts to be successful, you must develop content that fits who they are and deploy it where your target demographic congregates.

Start with user-generated content from your current tenants and material from your influencer campaigns, but make sure the implicit message to your audience is “You need what we have.” Winning content will always be relevant content that delivers both value and impact.

In other words, don’t waste money, time, or effort just anywhere, because saturating the Internet with generic content is sooooo 2010.

Start your New Year in Austin real estate on the right foot by implementing these digital marketing and public relations methods into your development.

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