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RECA’s LDC Class is Where True Leaders are Born

September 15, 2015

Being a part of RECA’s current Leadership Development Council (LDC) program has exceeded all my expectations and I would encourage all eligible RECA members to apply by the deadline this Friday, September 18. If you are on the fence and need further motivation, hopefully some of my experiences  will persuade you to apply. Let’s get into the gravamen of what LDC is all about!

Relationship Building
As the cliché goes, real estate is a relationship driven business and the relationships developed and cultured through RECA’s LDC program are rewarding and lifelong. I would imagine that sentiment is echoed by all former and current participants of the program. My current LDC classmates come from a diverse background and possess multifarious skillsets. Having the ability to pick the brightest young minds in the industry, while solving the never ending challenges that come along with working in the  real estate industry is priceless. LDC participants are the up and coming leaders in our field and getting to know them on a personal level solidifies the professional relationship.  

The programing the RECA staff pulls together is incredible and I would be remiss if I did not extend a big thank you from the entire class of 2015 for their work thus far! Our LDC class has taken “deep dives” into the macro and micro level issues facing our region. We have discussed the drought and water supply challenges from the leaders of the Austin Water Utility and LCRA. We learned about Capital Metro’s plans for the future from President & CEO Linda Watson. At our program earlier this month, Police Chief Art Acevedo and Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr led a very engaging discussion about public safety. These are just a few of the seven signature programs we participate in throughout the year.

If you are curious about any of the major public policies or business topics that are regularly deliberated, being a part of the LDC class gives you the opportunity to weigh in on the impacts and solutions to these topics.  The opportunity to meet and have engaging conversations with the leaders of our region, while having an open discourse about the challenges we need to solve is unparalleled.

A large portion of your time spent outside of the formal LDC functions is spent fundraising and preparing for the annual Christmas in October volunteer event. This is where the rubber meets the road. The LDC class leads the charge for this event and if you have not been engaged on a large project from soup to nuts, this is your moment! It will force you out of your comfort zone and engage you 120%. This is where leadership development is honed. Every member of the LDC class is a leader as it is a prerequisite for acceptance. With so many Type-A personalities and leadership approaches attacking a worthy cause, you are forced to accept the challenge and responsibility! That being said, make sure you volunteer with us on the morning of October 17!

The Retreat
Only a select few will ever know…

Apply today for RECA's 2016 LDC Class - check out the requirements here, and submit your application here.

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