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RECA’s Continued Efforts on CodeNext

June 20, 2018

Are you aware of the ongoing effort and substantial work our RECA volunteer leaders are putting into the CodeNext process?

In April, RECA issued a statement opposing the most recent Draft 3.0 of the code, but we indicated our willingness to remain at the table and support a process that would produce a code that aligns with Imagine Austin's goals for a more affordable, livable and compact and connected city.

Through April and May, dozens of RECA leaders attended and testified at numerous Planning Commission and City Council hearings emphasizing: 

  • The countless hours they have spent evaluating, providing technical analysis, and drafting detailed revisions to all three versions of the code.
  • The current draft fails to meet the goals of Imagine Austin and doesn't provide the necessary density on city corridors for long-term transit solutions.
  • The current draft is rife with conflicting regulations and does not produce more predictable permitting and building processes.

Now that public testimony has concluded, City Council is evaluating how to address the complexities of the current draft. RECA believes that the draft code in its current form takes our community backwards, not forward, and the City should take as much time as it needs to get it right. I encourage you to remain engaged and vocal on CodeNext as it is one of the most important issues we will face in our lifetime.

Email RECA's VP of Policy and Government Affairs Geoffrey Tahuahua if you would like to get involved and stay in the loop with the latest CodeNext news by emailing Ryan Poulos.

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