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RECA Joins the Blogosphere

August 12, 2014

Today we are pleased and proud to launch our new blog, the ……. Well, we haven’t gotten that far yet. Naming a blog is a big deal and better to get it right than to come out with a lame stand-in. More on this later.

Whatever we name this piece of web real estate, rest assured that it will cover the issues facing our organization and the community. The issues of the day – affordability, congestion, drought, density, sprawl, light rail, CodeNEXT – will all be addressed by RECA’s greatest resource – its members.

When I joined this organization late last year, I quickly became impressed by the level of expertise and experience woven in our members, from the executive committee, board and past chairs to rank-in-file members. We have members who led the development of major projects in town such as the Austonian, Frost Bank Tower, Spring Condominium, the Domain, the Triangle, …. the list goes on and on. We have engineers, architects, land planners, land attorneys, landscape architects, accountants and many other professions who are helping shape this region on a daily (and nightly) basis.

If the RECA secret sauce is its people and their knowledge, then it’s up to us to share that knowledge amongst members and the community to participate and lead in the dialogue on important issues facing our region.

Richard Maier, a long-time RECA member who sits on the executive committee and is vice president of national home builder DR Horton, penned our first blog on the issue at the tip of everyone’s tongue in Austin: affordability. If you don’t think layer upon layer of government regulations and ordinances don’t add to the cost of housing for buyers and renters alike, read his blog. It just might make you think otherwise.

And speaking of the blog, we’re holding a contest to come up with the best name. The winner gets a $50 Amazon gift card. Hit us with your best shot. Just remember, we are - at our core - an organization focused on land development so let those words guide your creativity. Simply comment below with your suggestion.

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