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My LDC Class Story and Why You Should Apply Today

September 6, 2016

Being a member of RECA’s 2016 Leadership Development Council (LDC) class has far exceeded my expectations. It was a privilege to be selected for the 2016 class, and I recommend that all eligible RECA members consider applying. The deadline is Friday, September 16 at 5:00 p.m., so start polishing up that application and apply here now!

Relationship Building

RECA’s LDC program is an invaluable opportunity to meet and work with other young real estate professionals in Austin. RECA strives to select a diverse group of LDC class members representing a cross-section of professionals in the real estate industry. RECA has a special ability to pick out some of the most interesting, fun, and smart people in the industry. You might be lucky and already know a couple of your LDC classmates, or you might be even luckier and get an entire class of new friends that you would not otherwise have encountered.

The relationship building starts on day one with an LDC overnight retreat. The retreat is an opportunity to get to know your LDC classmates really well, have a ton of fun, and even learn a little along the way.  Everything about our class’s retreat was wonderful and we bonded during the trip. Here’s a pro tip: give some thought to what your greatest fear is before you attend – you just might be asked to share it!

Signature Programming

The educational programming has been my favorite part of LDC. Throughout the year, we'll have a total of seven luncheons with industry experts who have discussed some of the most urgent issues affecting Austin and our industry – from water supply challenges with the Austin Water Utility and LCRA to transportation issues with Capital Metro and CTRMA to CodeNEXT with the City of Austin Planning and Zoning Department.

My favorite signature program of the year so far has been about affordable housing with Foundation Communities and Momark Development. The insightful presentations by Terry Mitchell and Walter Moreau broke down the relationship between affordability, density, transportation, and trends in urban sprawl and explored the biggest challenges to preserving and encouraging affordability, as well as some of the unintended consequences when density and affordability are not priorities in development.

This signature programming has been a great opportunity to dive deeper into the issues affecting our city, understand the challenges these issues present, and consider possible solutions. LDC signature programing improved my understanding of Austin and its real estate issues, and gave our class the opportunity to meet and interact directly with the people in Austin who are actually making decisions that affect our city.

Leadership Development

The most rewarding part of LDC has been preparing for RECA’s annual Christmas in October event. As you probably know, Christmas in October is one of RECA’s largest fundraising efforts and volunteer events during the year. What you might not know is that the LDC class, with assistance from the Christmas in October committee, is responsible for doing almost all of the heavy lifting associated with the event — from beneficiary selection to fundraising, planning, logistical preparation and the actual event. Since the scope of skills needed to pull off an event of this magnitude is so broad — marketing and communications, event planning, technical construction expertise, and beyond — there is an opportunity for everyone in the class to show off their special skills and develop some new skills. 

During our Christmas in October planning, I’ve been particularly focused on helping with the fundraising event that took place on August 31, 2016. While helping with the fundraiser, I’ve learned that folks in our industry are exceptionally generous with their time and expertise, which makes an event like Christmas in October much easier to hold than I imagined. The fundraiser was a great success, and we are looking forward to pulling off an outstanding Christmas in October, with a special REAL YP event on September 24 from 8 a.m. to noon, and the Christmas in October event on October 22 from 8 a.m. to noon at Sammy’s House (2415 Twin Oaks Drive, Austin, Texas 78757). Even if you haven’t participated in the REAL YP or Christmas in October committee meetings so far this year, it’s not too late to join.  We can always use additional volunteers — plus it’s a great way to meet the current LDC members and ask them for their insights into their LDC year!

On behalf of the entire 2016 LDC class, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the RECA staff for an awesome experience this year with a special thanks to Katie (our team mom) and Liz. Apply today for RECA's 2017 LDC Class – check out the requirements here, and submit your application here.

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