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How to Remarket Your Real Estate Properties for Increased Success

August 12, 2019

Three Tips to Help You Create a Stirring Sensation for Your Commercial Development

In a perfect world, your stellar property would attract terrific tenants with its awesome amenities and fantastic features. Then, because you’re such an excellent property manager, those renters would sing your praises far and wide, bringing in even more wonderful people who want to sign long-term leases.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in such a utopia. In reality, you have to scrap and hustle for each new tenant while also keeping your current ones happier than ever. On top of that, your older building has to compete with the newer properties popping up across Austin, and those fresh facilities are filling up with booming tech companies. For example:

  • Google is moving into offices both in East Austin and Downtown
  • Indeed will use offices in both Downtown and The Domain
  • Amazon is renting space in a large facility at The Domain
  • Facebook is moving into The Domain, complete with the largest one-year lease in the history of the Austin real estate market

At Integrate, we have experience helping commercial real estate properties engage in creative re-branding exercises that result in fresh faces when you need them most. When you implement these three superb strategies, you can revive your buzz across Austin, especially in such a thriving landlord’s market.

1) Partner with Innovative Influencers

Influencer marketing is nothing new. While the concept has existed long before the digital age, the rise of social media has given new voice to people who want to share their favorite places, people, and products with their followers.

But not all influencers are created equal.

To achieve a return on your investment you can showcase to your stakeholders, we recommend teaming up with influencers who can strengthen your marketing efforts. As in, you don’t want to work with social media mavens who will simply post whatever you tell them. You want influencers who are active and passionate creators in their own right. By getting them involved in the creative process, they will be more engaged in how they market your real estate development because they’ll actually care about what they’re doing.

To better leverage these influencer partnerships, you need to find creative ways re-introduce your older property to an Austin real estate market salivating over new developments. Truly inventive influencers can talk up what sets your development apart from your competition. Opportunities include:

  • Emphasizing your strong track record of success and stability in a market that’s shown consistent growth for this entire century
  • Updating your brand’s messaging by embracing current trends in language and terminology, while not dumbing down your space
  • Tailoring strategies that speak directly to the niche intersection of their followers and your target audience

Ultimately, you don’t need the most popular influencers to create content that benefits them. Instead, you should partner with people who can drive meaningful traffic to your tenants in the development. It’s all about drawing in the people who are already predisposed to like what you’re doing.

2) Leverage Social Media to Achieve Real Business Goals

Like most companies in 2019, you probably monitor a few social media profiles for your property, which usually includes promoting the activities your tenants post on social media. But even if you maintain a strong presence online and have cultivated a healthy community of fans, you can always do more – especially when repositioning your property to attract new clientele.

And by more, we definitely don’t mean quantity. We mean quality.

Industry research reveals that, in the face of a nearly overwhelming amount of new content that’s posted online every day, people still gravitate to the stuff that matters to them. People are self-curating their social media feeds to maximize the material that they like most, while ignoring the rest. Your real estate property must look for every possible opportunity to deliver true value as a way to emphasize exactly the perks and benefits you can offer in comparison to new construction.

Gone are the days when you could post inspirational messages with stock photography in hopes of getting clicks to drive “engagement.” Social media experts now tell to share material that resonates with your core audience, instead of a broad swath of people.

  • Do you own a mixed-use property on North Lamar? Then don’t worry about what people living in Kyle, Buda, or San Marcos might want to see on your channels.
  • Reasserting the awesomeness of your Class A office space at 360 & 71? You probably shouldn’t emphasize your supposed expertise of the Downtown nightlife scene.
  • Refreshing your amazing tower and surrounding amenities in The Domain? Then stop spending ad spend to push your content to people who live on the East Side or toward the airport.

Our best piece of advice when it comes to creating relevant content for your social media channels? Talk to your audience! Listen to what they want to see and hear from your brand. Communicate specifically with the people who are most likely to attend one of your functions, rent one of your spaces, or frequent one of your tenant’s businesses.

3) Create Engaging Events

This might be the piece de résistance when it comes to driving new traffic to your existing real estate development. It’s also the most difficult to pull off effectively. You need to combine the creativity of your influencers with the content that drives your base audience, because not just anyone is going to attending a random shindig at your property – no matter how great it is.

You must first determine what sort of event makes the most sense for your core audience. This will depend upon the time of year, your location, and what you think will resonate most for them. By appealing to the group (or groups) that already like you, you have the greatest chance of attracting new fans who fit that profile. Again, it’s an exercise in drilling down as deeply as possible into the true niche for your property – not trying to spread yourself thinly across too many surfaces.

  • Pop-Up Yoga - Bring people to the development, giving retailers and tenants the chance to partner up and connect
  • Movie Nights on the Lawn – Partner with nearby restaurants to provide food for a fun event that will attract the neighbors
  • Friends and Family Networking Event – Designed for current tenants, such shindigs create opportunities for to extend business and personal relationships, while increasing exposure to their development.
  • Outdoor Extravaganza – If your office is near one of Austin’s extensive trail systems, you should partner with an organization like Hill Country Conservancy to hike, clean, or volunteer on Violet Crown Trail.

From there, you should rely on your current tenants to do the heavy lifting for you. They already know how great you are, so you should incentivize them to both attend the event and invite new people to attend. They are your true influencers.

Remarketing your commercial real estate development doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require some dedication and determination on your part. There are no half-measures when it comes to creating marketing campaigns that actually move the needle and deliver actionable results that matter. Think of it this way – telling new people about the greatness of your property is just as important as taking care of your space and the tenants currently filling it.

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