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Help Transform Sammy’s House This Saturday

October 17, 2016

I have been involved with RECA’s Christmas in October event for five years, and this year’s recipient, Sammy’s House, is the most deserving.  Sammy’s House provides care and, more importantly, education for children facing some of the toughest challenges imaginable. RECA’s Christmas in October Committee and LDC class are strongly motivated to do all that we can to improve the facility in order to create a better atmosphere for the children and increased peace of mind for their parents. Please join us this Saturday, October 22, for our big volunteer day at Sammy's House. Learn more and get registered here.

Many of my site visits to the facility during the last months have blurred together, but one in particular made me stop and really reflect on why the Christmas in October event is so important. We entered a classroom where a group of toddlers were playing and an adorable blonde girl started following right behind me as I walked around the room to inspect the areas of the room that will receive upgrades. After a few minutes, she reached out to play with me. She was sweet, loving, and full of laughter. Though our play time was short, it made me realize that the upgrades we are making this Saturday will not only help her, but they will also help many kids over the years to come.

The Christmas in October Committee and the LDC class decided to set the bar high this year with a fundraising goal of $150,000. I’m proud to say that with the support of Austin’s real estate development community and RECA’s network of support, we are well on our way with more than $135,000 raised to date. We fully expect to reach our goal and need your support to do so, so consider making a donation here today.

In the coming weeks, Sammy’s House will receive new flooring in all of the classrooms that will improve acoustics and provide a durable surface for playing. The students will enjoy new dimmable light fixtures to replace those that previously flickered. A fresh coat of paint will brighten many of the rooms and make the children feel more comfortable. The leaky roof will be repaired, the playground will be refreshed, and the parking lot will be resealed. And if all goes as planned in the next couple months, Sammy’s House will receive a brand new entrance to transform the exterior appearance of the facility.

The Christmas in October team is excited to see all of the hard work pay off at the October 22 volunteer build day. Please join us and volunteer for the event or help support with a monetary donation to make the last few items on our list a reality.  There will be volunteer tasks for all skillsets - from planting new flowers to installing classroom flooring.  We hope to see you there!

You can find out more about Sammy’s House in this great video

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