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Help RECA Achieve 2,016 Members in 2016!

January 29, 2016

RECA’s Membership Committee has set an ambitious goal to achieve 2,016 members by the end of 2016. That would mark the most members RECA has had in its 25-year history, and would serve as a truly historic moment and proud accomplishment for the association.

Why should you join RECA? Well, here’s my story.

I joined six years ago at the behest of a coworker who encouraged me to meet more people and build relationships to promote my long-term success in the industry. That co-worker – who was a RECA Board Member at the time – knew that if I joined RECA and truly invested time and energy, it would pay dividends, and he was absolutely right. Joining and becoming active in RECA has been one of the best professional and personal choices I have made since moving to Austin in 2010.

If you are already a RECA member, I strongly encourage you to become more active and if you are thinking about joining, don’t put off the decision to invest in your career and personal growth. Join now!

In setting the goal for 2,016 members in 2016, RECA is striving to become the area's most elite local real estate industry association. Simply put, the larger our association’s membership, the louder our voice becomes on the critical policy issues that impact our industry, like affordability, density and a multi-modal approach to solving our traffic issues.

That’s what’s at stake for the association as a whole, but what’s in it for you as an individual?

One of my favorite things about RECA is that no matter what your interests are, RECA has a committee you would enjoy being a part of. If you’re a policy wonk and enjoy discussing current issues, our City of Austin Policy Committee and Regional Issues Committee are a great way to stay in-the-know and meet other like-minded individuals. If you enjoy the excitement of planning an event and then watching it come to fruition, our KnockOut Night, Christmas in October, Charity Golf Classic and Communications Committees are great options.

Of course, I also have to put in a pitch for RECA’s Membership Committee! In addition to meeting and greeting potential members at RECA events, the committee works on strategies for retaining and recruiting new members, including a three-day phone bank we’ll hold in March in which RECA Board Members are building teams to reach out to people who would benefit from joining.

There are a lot of other benefits to joining RECA aside from the committee opportunities. RECA members receive discounts to RECA events, such as our monthly Ideas Forum Luncheons that cover hot topic issues and the annual RECA Exchange, which features a keynote breakfast, breakout educational sessions and an economic forecast. RECA members also gain exclusive access to project tours that provide inside looks at our city’s latest development projects before they open to the public.

RECA also offers several programs designed especially for young members of the industry. Our free REAL YP events give young professionals the chance to network, gain valuable industry education and volunteer in the community. Our highly competitive Leadership Development Council provides a year-long, in-depth program to promote individual growth and leadership in the industry.

These are just some of the highlights of becoming a RECA member – you can check out all the details and join online on RECA’s website here. You can also view a detailed list of the benefits here.

If you’re already a RECA member, I implore you to reach out to at least one colleague in 2016 and encourage them to join. If you’re not yet a RECA member, I encourage you to join today and become a part of RECA history by helping us get to 2,016 members in 2016!

In addition to serving on the RECA Board of Directors, Taylor Steed serves as RECA's Vice Chair of Membership.

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