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RECA Calls for Minimum of 15,000 More Housing Units Each Year
RECA's Affordability Dashboard

RECA is tracking Austin’s progress toward its housing goal with several measures, including the distribution of new housing throughout the city and the relative affordability of for-sale and for-rent homes within each of the city’s ten council districts.
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Affordable Austin: Why Can’t We Build the Supply We Need
August 12, 2015
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Affordable Austin: Building the Housing We Need at Prices We Can Afford
January 14, 2015
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The Austin economy is the envy of much of the nation, attracting jobs and new residents at a faster pace than most other American cities for nearly a decade. Rapid expansion and change has brought opportunity and challenges to a city that has long been torn between progress and nostalgia. Nowhere is that more true in Austin today than when it comes to the issue of housing.

In the last two decades Austin’s housing market has gone from the least expensive to the most expensive among Texas’s four major metropolitan areas. With many Austin workers priced out of all but the city’s periphery and an increasing number of long-time homeowners struggling financially to stay, there is growing demand for new city policies to address the problem.

RECA believes Austin can build its way out of this affordable housing crisis, but only if it encourages housing of all types for a variety of income levels in neighborhoods throughout the city.