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Candidate Endorsements

As an advocacy organization deeply concerned about the impact of regulations on our industry and community, it is critical that city of Austin voters elect candidates who provide common-sense solutions to the challenges faced by our city. Issues such as affordability, CodeNEXT, traffic congestion, water supply and bureaucracy at City Hall must be adequately addressed to sustain Austin’s quality of life and long-term success. That’s why RECA has approached this historic shift to single-member districts with great care and deliberation.
Following the August 18 candidate filing deadline, RECA undertook a very thorough review of the 78 candidates running for the 10 single-member districts and mayor and invited all candidates to fill out our carefully crafted questionnaire. Of the 78 running for office, we received 47 completed questionnaires. To receive an endorsement from RECA, candidates were required to receive supermajority approval from the RECA Board of Directors. This high threshold made it difficult to come to a consensus on a single candidate in several races. In those races, no consensus endorsement has been reached at this time. However, the RECA Board of Directors may endorse a candidate if the same supermajority consensus is reached during a runoff.
The RECA Board has made the following endorsements:
District 1
DeWayne Lofton

District 5
Dan Buda

District 6
Pete Phillips

District 7 *
No consensus endorsement but the board recommends candidates Jeb Boyt and Jimmy Paver.

District 8
Becky Bray

District 9
Chris Riley

District 10 *
No consensus endorsement but the board recommends candidates Mandy Dealey, Sheri Gallo and Robert Thomas.

* - Candidates listed in alphabetical order

It is our responsibility at RECA to share with our membership the candidates we believe will provide the necessary leadership to continue Austin’s prosperity and tackle problems that threaten the city’s success. As in the past, we will have RECA Captains with a list of members to keep informed and mobilize you to vote.  You should hear from them shortly!

EARLY VOTING STARTS MONDAY, OCTOBER 20. It is important that we make our voices heard in this critical election. Find the voting location closest to you here.

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