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10- 1

An historical city council election for the City of Austin took place on November 4, 2014.

Since its founding in 1839, Austin has had an “at-large” form of government whereby city councilmembers represented the entire city, rather than specific districts which is the norm in most municipalities around the state and nation. That all changed in November when city council members will be elected from ten districts for the first time in Austin’s history with the mayor running citywide.

City politics in Austin has changed forever, and RECA members need to be more engaged than ever to make sure thoughtful, reasonable and common-sense candidates are elected to and remain on the Austin City Council.

Find out which district you live in here.

Steve Adler

District 1
Ora Houston

District 2
Delia Garza

District 3
Sabino "Pio" Renteria

District 4
Gregorio "Greg" Casar

District 5
Ann Kitchen

District 6
Don Zimmerman

District 7
Leslie Pool

District 8
Ellen Troxclair

District 9
Kathie Tovo

District 10
Sheri Gallo


The term 10-One refers to the new city council districts. There are ten city council districts and one citywide mayoral race. This term was coined to distinguish it from another ballot item calling for eight districts, two at-large council seats in addition to the at-large mayoral seat.

Both proposals were on the November 2012 ballot and 10-One received the most votes. Equally historic was the approval to move city elections from May to November. Voter turnout in November is always higher because most elections, including the presidential and gubernatorial contests, are held in November. Austin has had very low voter turnout in May elections, hovering between 5 and 10 percent of registered voters.

The Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission was formed 2013 to draw the districts with a final map approved in late 2013. RECA followed the process closely and updated the membership as developments emerged.