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RECA is the voice for the commercial real estate industry.

City Issues

From affordability to CodeNext and Imagine Austin, RECA actively advocates for policies that support economic development, job growth and responsible development. Because the issues are diverse, numerous, and often require quick action, RECA mobilizes its members to participate in advocacy efforts alongside RECA staff. If you're a RECA member, you can attend regular Policy Briefings on current issues. Learn more about those here

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Regional Outreach

RECA recognizes that while Austin is a major city in Central Texas, we must think and act regionally to grow in a responsible and sustainable manner. We support strategies and solutions that promote economic vitality for the region and we actively monitor the policy decisions of regional entities including:

RECA's Regional Updates program provides members with a quarterly opportunity to drill deeper into a wide range of topics through guest speakers and events in surrounding communities. Generally, Regional Updates feature a local elected official discussing the latest updates for the city followed by updates from RECA members who have projects in the area. All meetings take place outside of the RECA office in nearby communities. There's no need to sign up to participate — notices for upcoming Regional Updates are sent to all RECA members. Learn more about those here.

Transportation & Mobility

Transportation and land development go hand-in-hand. One of RECA’s highest priorities is improved mobility in our region. Our position is that this requires the utmost urgency in advancing a thorough, impactful, fiscally sound, and expeditious response to our region’s greatest mobility needs. RECA supports investment in an “all of the above” transportation system that includes roads, rail, traffic management systems, toll roads, express lanes, bus rapid transit and buses. No single solution will solved our mobility needs but we need to give Central Texans more options in how they get around the region.

RECA’s staff closely monitors, researches and advocates for positions on transportation issues at the state, regional and local level.

Texas Legislature

During the biennial Texas legislative session, RECA works with partner organizations across the city and state to advocate for commercial real estate interests at the Capitol. This includes streamlining development processes and ensuring that Texas is a place where businesses and development can thrive. RECA works across the aisle to advance our members’ interests.

For more information about RECA’s involvement at the Texas legislature, visit our RECA at the Texas Legislature page.